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    WillU FX Market Update 16.12.2021

    The Bank of England are set to vote on both Monetary policy and interest rates this afternoon. Back in November their decision came as a surprise to financial markets, after a succession of hawkish comments from central bank members had investors believed that a rate hike was all but done. In December, with inflation rising to highs not seen for 10 years and Omicron variant taking hold in the country, investors will be keeping a keen eye on the releases which is expecting to show no change to both monetary policy and interest rates.

    The Federal Reserve have intensified their battle against inflation by moving to end their asset-buying program and signaling that interest rates could be raised in 2022 at a much faster pace than expected. The pullback of asset-buying puts the Fed in a position to raise rates earlier than expected to stop inflation spiraling out of control.

    A rally in US stocks is prompting a strong open from European stocks this morning, as traders bet that the Federal Reserve tighten policy to control inflation. Various Central Bank also are due to make key decisions today regarding interest rates which are happening in the UK, Eurozone, and Switzerland.

    Share Index Prev. Close Open
    FTSE100 7170.75 7170.75
    DAX 15476.35 15745.6
    CAC40 6927.63 7054.92

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