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    WillU FX Market Update 06.01.2022

    The US dollar rose with stocks declining after news yesterday that the Federal Reserve are planning to move a lot quicker than the last time, they tightened monetary policy in a bid to keep the US economy from overheating amid high inflation and near-full employment. The economic outlook “could warrant a potentially faster pace of policy rate normalization”, minutes from the December Federal Reserve meeting showed.

    Russia alongside its allies have pledged to send troops to help the Kazakh President put an end to protests that have led to the central bank halting financial market operations in the central Asian country. Like the Belarus incident in 2020, this marks as a major move from the Kremlin to help another ally facing disorder.

    Traders are reacting to the Federal Reserve comments made yesterday that they are planning to move a lot quicker in tightening monetary policy, as a result European stocks are set for a tough open, as US stocks declined.

    Share Index Prev. Close Open
    FTSE100 7516.87 7516.87
    DAX 16271.75 16076.16
    CAC40 7376.37 7264


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