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    WillU FX Market Update 01.02.2022

    A report into the partying at Downing Street has put further pressure on Boris Johnson’s leadership, with members of his Conservative party turning against the Prime Minister. The report slammed “failures of leadership and judgement”, as the investigation looks into parties held at Downing Street in the middle of lockdown. The Metropolitan Police are now investigating 12 gatherings in government buildings as well as over 300 images and 500 pages of information.

    Sony are stepping up on their purchase of Bungie, to rival Microsoft’s buyout of Activision Blizzard. Sony who will be acquiring the video game developer behind the popular Destiny and Halo franchises for $3.6 billion will also be boosting their stable of game-making studios.

    OPEC and its allies are expecting to approve another increase to oil output this week. As fuel consumption recovers from the pandemic, leaving plenty of room for the coalition to boost their production. However, with under-investment and cuts members such as Nigeria and Russia have been running out of spare capacity and struggling to revive their output.


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