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    WillU FX Market Update 08.02.2022

    French President Emmanuel Macron held an almost 6-hour meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Talks went well into the night but admitted no breakthrough has been reached. US President Joe Biden is convinced that if Russia proceeds with the invasion of Ukraine, that the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline transporting natural gas from Russia to Germany will be stopped.

    US Chipmaker giant Nvidia has abandoned its purchase of UK chipmaker Arm from Softbank. The deal was set to be the largest in the industry’s history as the deal is put off because of regulatory pressures. Softbank will now proceed with the IPO of Arm which is expecting to happen in March 2023.

    Amazon will be more than doubling the maximum base salary it pays employees, as the E-commerce business struggles to hire and retain workers. Amazon will also be increasing their compensation ranges for most jobs as well as changing the timing of stock awards to align with promotions.


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